I’m really just an average house wife with a husband and four kids. We both work, so yes life is as hectic as everyone else’s. Our journey to eating healthy started five months ago when I was inspired by a page on Facebook: 100daysofrealfood.com . (I honestly thought we were already eating healthy, I mean my kids loved fruits and veggies, and no one in our house drank soda!) I asked Matt if he thought we could remove all preservatives from our diet, seemed easy enough…. I then learned about October unprocessed. This was a world-wide challenge to eat only unprocessed food for a whole month HA yes including Halloween! At that same time my 8-year-old son was facing his own challenges emotionally and in school. We found a wonderful program for him and a huge part of his quest to get better was nutrition. Life took a huge change! Charley had a blood test and we found out there were over 35 foods he had an intolerant to. (I will explain Charley more in a later post) Finding that out made me analyze my own situation, my whole life I have been plagued with stomach aches and random bouts of what seemed like IBS. Eating out was a killer for me, I almost always ended up feeling ill before dinner was finished. I decided to make a change and get us all healthy!

This blog is to help people see that it can be done, even the busy mom can do it, and to educate those who want to know about the foods they eat. I am not a cook, or a nutritionist, I simply want to share the information I find with you and you can us that information in whatever way works best in your life.

Remember, change has to start somewhere.


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