Chicken Stock

Tonight the younger kids had a sitter so Matt and I could go watch Rylee in Honors Choir. I had thrown a chicken in the crock pot in the morning for something easy for dinner. Though they are not fond of boring chicken and veggies for dinner, Charley alway perks up when he realizes what crock pot chicken means: Tomorrow will be Chicken Pot Pie! As often as I can I use the left over chicken to make a great gluten-free, dairy free, homemade pot pie. So make sure you watch for that recipe in the next few days.

The other thing I do with crock pot chicken is make my own Chicken Stock. There is nothing like REAL chicken stock when making homemade soups. I throw all the “extra” parts of the chicken back into the crock pot, yes bones, juice, skin, you name it! I may add carrots and onions depending on how I’m feeling. Garlic would be good too, but right now we still can’t do garlic. I then fill the crock pot with water throw in salt and pepper, turn on low and let it simmer over night. In the morning I pour it through a strainer into freezer safe  jars. I also fill an ice tray (Tupperware makes a great one that comes with a snap on cover) with the stock, then when I’m roasting potatoes or sautéing veggies I can drop in about 2 tablespoons pre frozen cube for added flavor.


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