Why start a blog?

There are lots of answers to that question. First I need someplace to store all the information I have collected about food, GMO’s, recipes, health and cooking ideas. Second I want to document our journey to let others know that the normal every day mom can do it! And third so many friends have asked for advice on how to make the change to eating right and they would like my recipes  I would like to make it clear that I’m not a cook, or a dietitian. I use other people’s recipes that I find in books, or on-line that  meet our needs. Then I let the world know if they taste good and if its worth the effort. That being said, I am also not a good writer and am a horrible speller. You have been warned!


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  1. Dear Amy, my name is Amy And my husband’s name is Matt too! My son Talon goes to school with your daughter. I have follow your story about your daughters hair and have supported your side by sharing your story on Facebook. I am so glad your daughter was allowed in schools and the administration backed off. I do like Mr. Goodwin because he has helped and stood behind my son and my daughter with their issues with their teachers not being fair about something or another. I am sorry he gave your daughter such troubles. I am glad to have had the opportunity to read your side of the story and then to discover your blog! I am so pleased to find someone else in this town who shares my conviction for nutrition! My blog is http://amysrealfood.blogspot.com/
    Although I am not grain free, I respect people who are. I am more about turning meal more nutrious by using real food, making things homemade, and making enough for a large family. I just started mine this year too and haven’t had much time to work more on it. It would be fun to meet you someday!

    • Amy, Thank you for your kind words, and it is refreshing to know that Mr. Goodwin is helpful to the students. In this situation Mr. Hoyt was much more sympathetic to our situation. But it’s good to know that do take time in other areas of the school system.
      Thank you for sharing her story on Facebook, really now all I would like to see is the rule cleared up. I mean what happens when she touches up her hair in 6 weeks? No one has told us what will be excepted. So if you could encourage people to write in whatever their opinion is on what the rule should state it would help. Thank you!

      I will for sure follow your blog! Only half my family is gluten free and most people have asked for gluten free recipes so that is usually what I post. But actually I can now use rice for my son so we will see where that leads! My son started out as having intolerances to 37 foods, so I had to learn to adjust and cook everything from scratch. I’d love to hear how your teenager does with your eating habits. 🙂 Rylee will complain but I’ve never caught her cheating.

      • Have you ever read The Gut and Psychology Syndrome book. It’s very facinating to read because it explains what happens to the gut to cause intolerences and what you can do to heal the gut. If you haven’t and would like to, you are welcome to borrow mine.
        My son eat nearly everything I make, but has a weakness to the sweets given to him at school.

        Also, I know a high up district person that I think I will have a little chat with to see where the district stands in changing the wording. Good luck to ya!

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